May 26, 2006

For the Kentucky Trial Lawyer: TOP 5 TRUTHS ABOUT PRE-TRIAL RESEARCH

One of the best trial consultants in the country, Becky Jones of Modlin & Jones Trial Consulting in Northern Kentucky, has come up with some Top 5 lists for trial lawyers for out blog. Her first installment is below. These tips apply in personal injury, medical malpractice or even insurance bad faith cases.


1. The purpose of pre-trial research (discussion groups, focus groups, mock trials) is not to win the exercise, but to learn how to avoid losing.

2. The purpose of pre-trial research is to learn what questions the jurors will ask.

3. Listen to how research participants speak. They talk like jurors, not lawyers.

4. Don’t simply ask participants what they believe. Ask them why they believe it.

5. Use your research to help you evaluate the best way to resolve your case (i.e. mediation, arbitration, summary jury trial, or jury trial).

contributed by:
Becky S. Jones
Modlin & Jones Trial Consulting
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