June 22, 2006

For Kentucky Injury Lawyers: Legal Talk Network

My good friend and fellow Kentucky acdident lawyer Hans Poppe mentioned a great practice resource to me the other day. Legal Talk Network is an interactive internet radio network for attorneys. Offerings range from "Conversations with F. Lee Bailey" to a show called "Coast to Coast", with Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams from Law.com.

Very interesting stuff and well worth the time.

June 1, 2006

Preparing for the defense medical expert’s deposition

A very helpful resource for any Kentucky injury attorneyJanabeth Evans Taylor, R.N., R.N.C co-aouthered a wonderful article for ATLA's TRIAL Magazine on preparing for defense medical expert's deposition.

Brief excerpt:

Here is a general list of information to collect for the medical expert’s deposition. Consider adding these items to your subpoena duces tecum for deposition. Request copies of

• the expert’s license to practice medicine

• certificates, memberships, and awards

• applications for continuing medical education credits for seminars and courses attended

• the expert’s Ph.D. thesis

• published abstracts and articles

• materials presented at professional meetings covering the issue in your case

• patents held by the expert or his or her employer (The Statement of Claims in patent documentation may explain what hazard the invention should ameliorate; for example, a needle guard may be intended to prevent perforation of vital organs.)

• a list of authorities in the lawsuit’s subject that the expert deems to be reliable

• all documents provided to the expert for review in the case.

—Betsey Herd and Janabeth Evans (Taylor)

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE: Preparing for the defense medical expert’s deposition

May 27, 2006

For the Kentucky Medical Malpractice Attorney: Medical Resources on the Internet


Janabeth Evans Taylor, R.N., R.N.C of Attorney's Medical Services has compiled a FANTASTIC list of medical resources on the internet. Below is a list of links ... to read the entire article, click: Utilizing the Power of the Web: Medical Resources for Attorneys

Medical information on the Internet is growing and diversifying. Every month more information is added and it becomes more challenging to sift through the many sites to find the content you are looking for. Traditional search engines do not focus on medical sites, and therefore some very valuable sites are overlooked or not updated into the index.

To date, there is no all-inclusive engine for searching medical sites. Nor is there a single engine that adequately and throughly indexes just the most reputable sites. These are a sampling of sites that will search for and retrieve up-to-date, applicable and current postings from peer-reviewed sources.

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May 24, 2006

For the Kentucky Trial Lawyer: Do you Bates Stamp Your Documents?

I was reading the blog DayOnTorts.com (pubished by John Day, trial lawyer extraordinaire from Nashville, Tennessee) today and noticed an interesting blog entry which asked the question:

Do You Bates Stamp Documents ?
You should. Or should do something like it.

I agree wholeheartedly with John’s answer.  In all our medical malpractice cases, I scan records in and use an Adobe Acrobat PlugIn (what's that?) called StampPdf to electronically “Bates Stamp” documents in as many cases as possible.

To read his rationale, click below and read the rest of the post:

Day on Torts: Managing Your Practice.