Small Plane Crashes Are Often Deadly and Complicated

As evidenced in a recent tragic plane crash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, small plane crashes are often deadly. On Saturday, March 16th, three men were killed when a small plane they had taken up for a test flight crashed into a lot full of repossessed cars and boats. They left the airport, appeared to try to turn around, then crashed, all within a few minutes. While the investigation is still ongoing, it is believed the accident was caused by a mechanical failure.

There are a few issues that make plane crashes a little more frightening and a little more complicated than car accidents. The most obvious difference between planes and cars is that planes are up in the air and cars are on the ground. If a car malfunctions, there is a good chance it can be stopped with minimal injuries to the passengers or those around them. If a plane malfunctions, it falls from the sky, significantly increasing the odds that those onboard will be seriously injured or killed. There is also a risk that it will fall onto a house, school, or business and injure numerous others.

Determining who was at fault in a plane crash may be more complicated than in a car accident. Planes are frequently owned and piloted by people other than the passengers so there are more people involved. A crash might also be caused by an air-traffic controller who mistakenly allows two planes to collide. As with cars, a manufacturer defect may also be the cause of a crash. In the case above, the plane was listed as being owned by a company that none of the victims appear to have owned or worked at. Investigators will most likely review maintenance logs as well as the plane wreckage to determine if the plane had not been maintained properly. Because planes are normally flown longer distances, there is also a higher chance that an accident will occur somewhere other than in one’s home state. Any personal injury or wrongful death claims would most likely have to be filed in the state that the accident occurred.

So what should a person do if they are injured or a family member is killed in a plane crash? If the crash happened in Kentucky, they should contact an experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney. If they live in Kentucky, but the accident was in another state, you can still contact a Kentucky attorney. They can answer any general legal questions you may have and can most likely refer you to a lawyer that can assist you in the state where the accident occurred. Hiring an attorney gives you a professional on your side that can oversee the investigation, take care of filing insurance claims with the proper parties, and ultimately take legal action if necessary.


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